We have access to over 430,000 certified diamonds of 25 points (0.25 carats) and above including round, princess, cushion, marquise, emerald, oval and heart shape stones. Each diamond is certified (we will advise which type or you may specify preference), numbered and the origin provided. You can search for your preferred diamond using multiple filters here at our visitors suite in Surrey. Alternatively, you may provide your key criteria in our enquiry form below and we will provide prices to you by email.

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Here are a few key parameters we suggest including in your enquiry. Don't worry if you are not sure on some of these criteria - we can cover these later:

  • Shape of diamond eg round, cushion, princess

  • Carat weight or 'size' of diamond, with 1.00 (or 100 points) being one carat

  • Colour of diamond from D to J, with D being the 'whitest'

  • Clarity of diamond from FL to SI2 with FL being flawless

  • Grade of cut from excellent, very good or good

  • Grade of polish from excellent, very or good

  • Grade of symmetry between excellent, very good and good

  • More advanced filters such as fluorescence, diamond table and depth

  • Certification institute if you have a preference




Diamond Specifications: