When it comes to you choosing the very best lab created diamond, the process is the same as identifying a superior earth - mined diamond...

The "4 C's" apply to ethical lab diamonds in exactly the same way as earth diamonds.

Clarity, colour, cut and carat weight are measured in just the same way.

To be certain that each of these 4 C's are as advertised, independent grading reports and certification are essential.

So make sure that whichever lab created diamond you purchase, it is accompanied by a corresponding IGI or GIA certificate.

Do not accept anything less!

Looking beyond the 4 C's, it is also worth checking out our guides on diamond anatomy.

These will give you a really useful steer on additional key characteristics which separate a very good lab diamond from a truly fabulous one.

Be sure to focus on the diamond's colour, cut and symmetry.

Of course this applies to all diamonds, but with the lab created variety the price difference between E or F colour and a G or H is relatively minor and well worth paying a bit more for.

The same applies to the cut (round brilliant shape) and to the symmetry (balance and proportions of shape).

For example, a pear or heart shape diamond with mediocre symmetry (Good or Poor in grading terms) will really detract from it's appearance and how well it aligns when worn along the finger.

In summary, look for a D, E or F colour lab diamond, with excellent cut (round brilliant shape) and excellent symmetry (all shapes).

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