Using Our VisUaliser

See How It Looks. On You. Online.

  • See It On Our Models
  • Use Your Own Photo

Key Features

  • Start by clicking on the Visualiser icon on the product page where featured

  • Click on the camera icon to view and select your preferred model

  • See the item applied to the model

  • Use photo tools below image or click on item to manipulate size and position

  • Image can be downloaded for future reference or shared

Key Features

  • Start by clicking on the icon shown on selected earrings and neckwear

  • Capture image of face and neck by clicking LIVE or upload an existing photo

  • See item as it will look on you

  • Use tools below image to manipulate item as required

  • Your image can be shared and is automatically saved for future use

By uploading your photo, you agree to store the photo on our Pobjoy Visualiser provider's servers. The photo is only stored temporarily and no other party has access to it. It will be automatically deleted after 24 hours or you can delete it at anytime by clicking the "X" button

1 >

Click LIVE Or Icon

2 >

Upload Or Webcam

3 >

Capture Image

4 >

Item Is Displayed

Coming soon: Visualiser for wristwear, engagement, eternity and wedding rings

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