New Standard Planned For Lab Grown Diamonds

A key component to our ethical policy is to clearly differentiate between natural earth mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds across all our marketing channels.

Providing as much transparency and educational resources regarding our diamonds and fine jewellery is paramount in achieving the very best outcomes for all our customers.

Independent, third party diamond grading and certification provide perhaps the greatest assurance when making a purchase from Pobjoy Diamonds, as well as more granular details which are often not volunteered by other retailers.

We therefore welcome a new standard for lab-grown diamonds, which will provide much-needed “clarity” for retailers and consumers when it launches in 2024, according to the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

(For the full article see Professional Jeweller July 2023)


The organisation first unveiled plans to develop a standard for lab-grown materials (LGMs) in 2021 as a way to establish best practice – including the requirement for full disclosure – for such materials when used in jewellery products.

It has gone through several rounds of public consultations and input from the multi-stakeholder Standards Committee to ensure the development provides a clear and robust framework for both the trade and consumers.

Melanie Grant, executive director of the RJC, stated: “At the RJC we know there is a market and demand for both natural and lab-grown diamonds.

“We believe that consumers should fully understand the source behind both – whether that is mined from the earth for natural diamonds, or manufactured in a factory for lab-grown diamonds.

“There are existing standards for natural diamonds; the need for a completely new set of comprehensive standards covering lab-grown diamonds is recognised by the industry.


Courtesy of The Professional Jeweller