We believe our returning customers, referrers and followers on social media deserve our special appreciation.

That's why Pobjoy offers you a range of ways to earn loyalty reward points.

These can be redeemed whenever suits you to receive money off subsequent purchases across our collections.

For every £1* you spend in our E-Boutique you earn 1 reward point. And we offer other ways to earn loyalty reward points and claim discounts.

For example, when you buy an engagement ring worth £2,000 or more you can redeem loyalty reward points later to get 10% off our entire his and her wedding ring collection - including already discounted matching sets. You start earning points upon your very first purchase.


~ Fear Of Missing A Birthday

Forgetting a key date such as a relative's or loved one's birthday or - worst of all - your wedding anniversary, is one anxiety you can do without.

So to make sure you never miss another one, we will send you email reminders ahead of time. Every time. Just set up your account, enter your key dates and earn a total of 75 points for free. No purchase necessary.


Every time you spend with Pobjoy E-Boutique you earn reward points. You just need to set up a Pobjoy account and be logged in when completing checkout. You can set up an account without making a purchase and earn 50 reward points sraightaway. You just need to submit your name, email address and enter your chosen password.

When you do make a purchase later on your reward points will be automatically credited to your Pobjoy account. You even receive reward points for every pound you spend on our E-Boutique Gift Vouchers.


By signing up with Pobjoy for periodical announcements and product updates, you will receive 50 reward points straight away. If you also share important anniversary dates such as birthdays or your wedding anniversary you will earn additional reward points.

Better still we will automatically send you reminders of your chosen dates ahead of time with extra reward points added to your account. So you need never forget a birthday again.


For those of you who are active on social media, you can earn reward points by tagging and posting Pobjoy products - or even the URL to an area of our site that you think your friends and followers might find useful. You can also send on a link to our E-Boutique to friends and family. If they spend money with us you will get additional reward points. Our loyalty reward scheme really is the gift that keeps on giving!


Our loyalty reward points scheme is set up to automatically credit points to your account once you have registered. Remember you do not have to purchase a Pobjoy product to sign up to start earning points. In fact, just by signing up for the first time you will earn 50 reward points. As you acquire more points you will be able to cash them in to claim discounts or special offers on a all our fine jewellery collections.

Details of how many points convert in to what types of discounts can be found in the rewards area of this site and is subject to change. For example, cashing in 50 reward points entitles you to £10 off your next Pobjoy purchase.

Redemption Of Loyalty Reward Points

Points Required


If you make a purchase from our E-Boutique but have not registered an account before doing so you will not be credited reward points.

We can usually credit reward points or equivalent discount codes retrospectively to you if you then decide to open an account later on.

Please email contact@pobjoydiamonds.com with your full name and 'Missed Reward Points' in the title and we will locate your previous order history and be in touch.

* Or currency equivalent

20 seconds