It's easier than you may think...

With most currencies relatively strong against the Great British Pound (GBP), our diamonds and fine jewellery represent better value than ever when buying from abroad.


Loose diamonds & semi-precious gemstones

For customers domiciled in the USA paying in US Dollars, our published prices for loose natural and lab grown diamonds are subject to a deduction for Value Added Tax (VAT).

They are subject to merchant duties and currency conversions costs incurred by us, but exempt from import duties.

Therefore, prices shown on this website in US Dollars for these items are subject to a net 15% refund. 

This refund will be processed by us after capture of your payment.

Finished fine jewellery including diamond rings

Under the "de minimis threshold", our finished diamond rings and other fine jewellery up to a value of $800 are also free from import duties.

Order values over $800 may be subject to import duties of varying amounts.

For simplicity, all our published prices include import duties, currency conversion charges, payment card costs and other administrative expenses.

So you will not need to pay any more than the price shown on our website.

And if you pay for loose diamonds or finished jewellery by bank wire transfer in US Dollars, we will reduce the price by 2.00%. Please contact us first before placing your order.

Complimentary shipping on orders over $500


For customers domiciled in the EU paying in EUROS, our online product prices are subjec to Value Added Tax (VAT).

When importing from the UK, your order is not subject to UK VAT, but is subject to the tax and duty charges applicable to your country of residence.

For example, in Germany the tax rate is 19% * and the duty is 2.5% upon goods imported between £135-£630 in value.

So to simplify things, we include the payment card, currency conversion, tax and duty charges in our prices. 

We then pre-pay these tax and duty charges before shipping.

So you will not need to pay any more than the prices shown.

And if paying by bank transfer, you will save 2% off the prices shown.

Complimentary shipping on orders over EUR500

* Updated 02/02/2024 and subject to change. This information regarding tax and duty charges is provided in good faith and does not constitute financial nor tax advice.

Pobjoy Diamonds has been allocated an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number for the purposes of facilitating the export of our diamonds and fine jewellery.

We can provide this number to you upon request.