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Based upon dynamic price comparisons, our prices are between 35% and 55% better value than comparable UK high street boutiques.

And remember that you earn loyalty reward points every time you shop with us to claim further discounts in the future.


The wholesale price of precious metals, such as gold and platinum, is always changing.

While the cost element of, for example, a platinum ring does not constitute a large part of the total diamond ring price, especially in the case of more valuable stones, it can still influence pricing.

At Pobjoy our policy is to limit the effect of these changes.

This is particularly important when prices rise, as by taking a longer term view and averaging out consequent changes in our product pricing where possible, we ensure our customers are treated more fairly.


While it is possible to compare seemingly identical diamonds - based upon colour, clarity, cut and carat weight - the reality is less simplistic.

Even by including more advanced criteria such as polish, symmetry, fluoresence and cut, each diamond is unique.

Fluctuations in currency exchange rates can also influence the price in sterling of each diamond, depending to some degree on it's geographical origin.

As with precious metals, our policy is to smooth these short term currency fluctuations as much as possible.

And if you find a loose diamond from another recognised retailer for less, we will beat the price.


As with everything in life, value involves more than just price. Pobjoys' well established, trusted name is built upon integrity, knowledge, reliability, customer service and support.

When it comes to buying your diamond ring, we will give you as much guidance as you require, based upon many years of experience. All our diamonds are certified by independent third parties for your complete piece of mind.

If comparing our prices with other reputable jewellers, it is essential to check the diamond details. For example, a one carat diamond graded H/Si2 is a lot less valuable than one graded F/VS1.

And if you find a comparable item featured on our site elsewhere, we will try to better the price. 





Pobjoy diamond engagement rings come with a lifetime warranty and bespoke jewellery and eternity rings come with a 10 year warranty, covering any manufacturing defects.

We will repair any manufacturing defects free of charge subject to the following conditions:

  • The item has not been damaged as a result of mishandling or inappropriate impacts such as knocks and undue pressure.

  • Has not had any alteration, manipulation, repair or maintenance by a service provider apart from Pobjoy or is the result of usual wear and tear.

  • The item can be reasonably identified by a reputable independent jeweller as being defective as a result of a manufacturing default.

  • Proof of purchase and any associated certification must be provided.

  • Warranty does not cover any replacement cost of diamonds set within each item of jewellery which may become damaged or lost.

  • Replacement melee diamonds shall be charged at cost.

Please note that no diamond jewellery retailer will provide you a warranty against loss of an item or a diamond, nor cracks or fissures which may occur, however rarely, in a diamond after it has been purchased.

Lifetime warranties covering individual diamonds typically refer to the accuracy and integrity of the overall diamond grading as stated at the point of sale, rather than a commitment to replace that diamond should it become damaged or suffer internal, external or structural failure. 

* Excludes 9K gold items. Where we reasonably believe that the item covered by the warranty is not subject to any manufacturing defects, we may offer to repair the item for a fee - which we will agree with you first - or return your item to you.Email:

We strongly advise that you arrange appropriate insurance for high value jewellery items with your provider