We know you will love wearing your Pobjoy fine jewellery.

And to help you get the most satisfaction from your cherished Pobjoy jewellery for many years to come, we have provided some more care and cleaning tips below.

With every item of fine jewellery we also include a handy care instructions card. so you can keep it looking fabulous, day in and day out.

We also offer ultrasonic cleaning by arrangement.

If you would like further guidance please do contact us.


Pobjoy fine jewellery is made exclusively from precious metals including 925 sterling silver, 9K and 18K gold and platinum. Our jewellery is made to last. To keep it looking it's best and to derive maximum satisfaction from your jewellery just requires following a few simple rules;

  • Always store your jewellery separately from other items.

  • Store your jewellery in it's box or pouch provided

  • Store your jewellery away from damp, intense sunlight, cold or heat

  • Wrap in acid free tissue or cotton to prevent scratching

  • Put jewellery on after dressing to avoid it catching with materials

  • Apply make up, hair products and perfumes before putting on your jewellery


The easiest way to keep your jewellery sparkling and in top condition is to wash it regularly. Using a soft cloth - or soft toothbrush for more intricate items - simply mix some mild soap with warm water and gently rub or scrub the jewellery clean. Then dab with a dry cloth or towel and leave to dry thoroughly before putting back on or in to storage. If this is not sufficient it is generally safe to use a specialist cleaning fluid, ensuring you adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and always using a soft cloth to avoid scratching.


Natural diamonds are formed over thousands of years and are renowned for their incredible inherent strength and durabilityas well as their beauty. They are not, however, completely immune from trauma induced damage such as chipping. Jewellery bearing large exposed diamonds should be particularly protected from situations where the probability of an acute knock from another hard object is high. It is therefore advisable to remove your diamond ring when engaging in, for example, manual work or active sports. Some other do's and dont's include;

  • Store separately from other jewellery items

  • Keep unworn diamond items in a soft lined jewellery box with a firm outer casing

  • Keep the diamonds free of grease, oils or any chemicals at all times

  • Do not remove your ring in public or pass it to others to look at

  • Avoid handling the centre stone as much as possible

  • Keep ring dishes around the house, especially near sinks, to place in if removed


Regular wearing of diamond jewellery inevitably invites a build up of dust, grime, oils and even chemicals on and around the surface. This is completely normal. To keep the sparkle and protect the item, you should regulalrly wash it by gently scrubbing with a very soft toothbrush dipped in mild soap and warm water. For a more thorough clean, it is best to soak the item in a bowl of warm soapy water for at least 20 minutes, ideally once a week. With either technique, wash away the soapy residue with clean warm water, dab dry with a soft towel and leave to dry completely before putting back on or storing away.

From time to time you may also wish to give your diamond jewellery some extra tender loving care. We have found certain diamond cleaning pens, particularly the Connoiseurs model, to be both safe to use and to deliver brilliant results. Whichever way you choose to clean your diamonds, the difference in appearance between an uncleaned stone and a freshly washed one may well surprise you!

When cleaning diamond jewellery at home we suggest avoiding use of an ultrasonic machine or device without professional guidance.


Gemstones and pearls differ from diamonds in that they are typically softer and therefore slightly more prone to wear, tear and scratching. However, if looked after properly they will look as good as new for many years;

  • Always store your freshwater pearls and gemstones individually in a soft cloth or pouch.

  • Put your freshwater pearls or gemstones on after you apply your makeup and perfume. This will ensure no foreign substance is deposited onto the pearls, dulling the shine.

  • Before you store your freshwater pearls or gemstones, make sure you wipe them with a soft cloth.

  • Make sure you let them dry thoroughly before storing.


Don’t use any solutions that contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals around pearls or gemstones. Cleaning with a mild detergent, clean warm water and a soft cloth or toothbrush is recommended. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or rub any of your freshwater pearl or gemstone jewellery with an abrasive cloth. This will rub and scratch the stone, leaving it lackluster. Do not expose your pearls or gemstones to very hot water or outside temparatures and intense sunlight.

Don’t put any of your gemstones or pearls in ultrasonic cleaners. While this method will likely clean any sterling silver metal on your jewellery piece, it will damage the luster of the pearl completely.

"Just submerging your diamond ring once a week in hot water with a drop of liquid soap, then rinsing and dabbing dry, will revive it's brilliance and sparkle."

Caring for diamond jewellery at home - Pobjoy Diamonds