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  • Also referred to as synthetic or artificial diamonds, laboratory grown diamonds have the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical properties as a mined naturally formed diamond.

    Lab grown diamonds are NOT diamond simulants, which are products that imitate the appearance of diamonds without a similar chemical composition.

  • Lab diamonds look and feel like mined diamonds and just like mined diamonds they vary in colour, clarity and weight

  • Lab diamonds represent a more sustainable and environmentally ethical choice

  • Pobjoy lab diamonds are all certified by the IGI, GIA or GCAL in exactly the same way as natural mined diamonds

  • Lab diamond production involves high cost sophisticated equipment and highly skilled specialists

  • Each IGI, GIA and GCAL certified lab grown diamond includes the certificate number nano inscribed on the girdle of the diamond

  • Because they are of the same composition as naturally mined diamonds, they pass the same industry standard thermal and electrical testing techniques

  • Lab diamonds are significantly less expensive than mined diamonds especially in the case of higher grade larger carat weights

  • Although the choice of high quality lab diamonds is limited it is steadily increasing