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Why An Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring - or "infinity band" - comprises a band of precious metal, usually gold or platinum, set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones - usually diamonds or coloured gemstones - to symbolize neverending love and respect.

A 'half eternity' ring features the gemstones across the face - or top - of the band only, usually covering between 30% and 50% of the circumference. From above the ring and with the fingers held closely together the appearance is the same to that of a full eternity style.

A 'full eternity' ring signifies a continuous row of gemstones around the entire circumference. In this respect the stones provide 100% coverage of the ring. Inevitably, as the total carat weight of diamonds - or 'CTW' - must cover a larger surface area than a half eternity ring, the size - or 'points' - of each diamond will be smaller if a similar CTW is used for a half eternity ring.

A cutaway eternity ring can be either half or full and features an area at the face of the ring which is slightly recessed to enable a snugger fit against an enagagment ring. This is more appropriate when the ring will be worn next to a particulalrly wide set engagement ring for example a cluster or halo diamond setting.

Our coloured gemstone eternity rings combine melee diamond insets to create eyecatching statement pieces. Also worn as right hand rings the juxtaposition of sparkling diamonds against deep rich natural colours is effortlessly sublime. Our range includes pink and blue sapphires, rich green emaralds, deep red rubies and contemporary black diamonds.

Eternity Ring Diamond Grades

There is no clear preference between the full and half eternity ring styles. Traditionalists may prefer the full eternity version as it represents a continuous - or 'infinite' - representation of love and commitment. In appearance the half eternity style looks the same when viewed from above.

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Types Of Eternity Ring Setting

Choice Of Precious Metal Settings

Our hallmarked eternity ring range includes 950 platinum, 950 palladium, 9 carat and 18 carat rose, white and yellow gold.

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* Warranty applies to workmanship. We will repair any manufacturing defects to your diamond set eternity ring free of charge upon proof of purchase for up to 10 years from the date of order. Warranty applies to all 18K gold, 950 platinum and palladium diamond set eternity rings shown. Excludes the effects of general wear and tear, inappropriate handling or significant impacts. Warranty does not cover any items which have been in any way adjusted or serviced by any third party.