In diamonds, rarity equals value. The rarest and most valuable coloured - or "fancy" - diamonds are saturated pinks, blues, and greens. In all cases, even very slight colour differences can have a big impact on value.

Coloured diamonds (known in the industry as "fancy") are graded by the GIA much the same way as all other diamonds are assessed, but of the "4 C's" the focus here is inevitably upon "C" for Colour.

The GIA system for colour-grading fancy diamonds is designed to accommodate the fact that not all coloured diamonds have the same depth of colour. For example, yellow diamonds occur in a wide range of saturations, while blue diamonds do not.

Compared to fancy yellows and browns, diamonds with a noticeable hint of any other hue are considerably more rare. Even in light tones and weak saturation, as long as they show colour in the face-up position, they qualify as fancy colours. Red, green, and blue diamonds with medium to dark tones and moderate saturations are extremely rare.

Grading fancy colour diamonds is complex and specialized, and it takes highly trained laboratory graders to complete the process accurately.

This is why we only sell fancy diamonds independently graded and certified by the GIA.

With fancy coloured diamonds—the ones outside the normal colour range—the rarest and most valuable colours are saturated pinks, blues, and greens. In all cases, even very slight colour differences can have a big impact on value.


We have a choice of several classic and contemporary diamond halo ring designs for you to customise with a centre fancy diamond of your choice. Choose between rose, white or yellow gold, platinum or palladium settings.

Every fancy centre diamond is sourced responsibly and it's origination available for your inspection.


Fancy Diamond Solitaire Rings Are Made To Order In Your Chosen Precious Metal Setting & GIA Certified Coloured Diamond

All our fancy diamond solitaire rings are made to your exact size. We do not charge more for larger sizes.

Resizing included with our compliments.

We will identify suitable diamonds based upon your cut, carat weight and colour requirements - and budget.

You will know the exact diamond specification before proceeding.

Adele, Iggy Azalea, Olivia Palermo, Anna Kournikova and Heidi Klum are just a few high profile celebrities who have embraced the love for the yellow diamond.


Blue diamonds are extremely rare. They generally have a slight hint of gray, so they’re rarely as highly saturated as blue sapphires. Their color is caused by the presence of boron impurities—the more boron, the deeper the blue.

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Diamonds with red or reddish colors are extremely rare and highly valued. Pure pinks are more popular than diamonds that are purplish, orangy, brownish, or grayish. Jewellers market some very attractive stones in this category as “rose-colored,” and some stones with purplish tints as “mauve” diamonds.

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