Earth created and lab grown

Why you should only buy a diamond with independent grading & certification

There is no single diamond grading institute deciding the quality of cut, colour and clarity of any specific diamond.

However, there are several independent institutes which provide grading services of natural earth created and lab grown diamonds and the accompanying certification.

The credibility of each grading institute is largely determined by the consistency of how it grades each diamond.

In this respect the GIA and IGI are often regarded as the most consistent with the AGS, WGI, HRD, SGL and EGL considered respectable alternatives.*

In some cases your jeweller may only provide you their own diamond grading certificate.

But wherever you decide to buy your diamond, make sure first that it is INDEPENDENTLY graded and certified by a recognised and respected grading institute, not by the jeweller selling it to you.

Remember Pobjoy only sell individual diamonds graded and certified by the most respected independent grading institutes in the industry, of which the GIA is often considered the most consistent.

Each diamond certificate we provide you details the specifications of your diamond and is an independent, verifiable assurance of it's quality and precise characteristics.



You can also verify your diamond and it's certification free of charge against the GIA and IGI online databases.

This also applies to laboratory grown diamonds.**



All our diamonds are conflict free and conform to the Kimberley Process.

Before choosing your diamond ask for it to be independently graded by one of the institutes referred to here or you cannot be sure what it is that you are buying.

* Independent Source: 'The Diamond Pro'


Before diamond jewellery, polished loose diamonds and coloured gemstones are presented to you we carry out additional verification for added peace of mind. Using an industry standard thermo and electric probe all our diamonds are checked for authenticity independently from the certification provided. This technology does not facilitate a detailed grading process but assures that the diamonds and semi precious stones are real and not simulated.

The results are kept on record with other detailed notes including certificate numbers, electronic copies of each certificate and photos of each item of jewellery for future reference. This also means that we are able to verify items returned to us, for example for polishing, before sending back to you.


For diamond set jewellery where the individual carat weight of each stone is generally less than 0.30 (or "30 points") we are usually able to provide a third party certificate of grading verification. For example, a Hatton Garden Diamond Laboratory certificate provides a photo of the item, the grading of the precious metal used and the diamond grade.