You probably know a fair amount about the 4 C’s: Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity are the main things to look out for when choosing a diamond.. 

But along with some other more advanced filters, you need to ensure that your diamond does not have any unwelcome colour tones nor any hint of opaqueness.

BGM stands for Brown, Green, and Milky. It means that sometimes a diamond can have a brown/green undertone or a milky appearance.

Free from BGM diamonds - Pobjoy Diamonds

Milky and slightly opaque

BGM is not something featured within a diamond grading report. But if you were to see the diamond in person, you might notice a milkiness that dulls the sparkle and clarity, or coloured hues that will detract from it's majesty and reduce it's worth considerably.

Therefore it is crucial to work with a trusted gemological expert like Pobjoy Diamonds before purchasing your diamond.

That's because even a diamond with impressive grading in terms of the 4 C’s can still have these unwanted characteristics. It may be everything you wanted based upon the certification details, but disappointing when seen in person.

Diamonds without BGM - Pobjoy Diamonds

Clear white diamonds free from BGM

To ensure a diamond (natural mined or lab created) does not have BGM, make sure this is screened for before making your purchase.

Avoid BGM in your diamond - Pobjoy Diamonds

Here at Pobjoy Diamonds, all our diamonds are screened to identify BGM, so we only supply you a diamond which is clear from any such imperfections.