High quality laboratory grown diamonds look and feel like naturally mined diamonds, are difficult to grow and are rare

All our lab grown diamond rings are hallmarked, IGI certficated and include personalisation


  • Lab diamonds are real diamonds grown under laboratory conditions using tiny natural diamonds as their embryo

  • Lab diamonds look and feel like natural diamonds and just like natural diamonds they vary in colour, clarity and weight

  • Lab diamonds represent a more sustainable and environmentally ethical choice

  • Pobjoy lab diamonds are all certified by the IGI which is currently the only recognised and reliable lab diamond grading institute

  • Lab diamond production involves high cost sophisticated equipment and highly skilled specialists

  • Each IGI certified lab grown diamond includes the certificate number nano inscribed on the girdle of the diamond

  • Lab diamonds are significantly less expensive than natural diamonds especially in the case of higher grade larger carat weights

  • Although the choice of high quality lab diamonds is limited it is steadily increasing

High Quality Lab Diamonds Are Difficult To Grow And Are Rare

Just like in the mined diamond industry, there are two completely different supplies of lab diamonds: high quality and low quality. Most of what is on the market is low quality and not certified by a recognised grading institute.

Pobjoy Diamonds only source certified, high quality lab diamonds that took significantly longer to grow than their lower quality counterparts.

Why Is it Difficult To Grow High Quality Lab Diamonds?

There is a well-known speed limit as to how fast a diamond crystal can be grown. If you try to grow a diamond faster, the diamonds will have fractures in the crystal resulting in low-clarity. Hot, fast growth also produces more voids in the crystal structure which results in brown, yellow, and grey undertones.

The cost of cutting and polishing a rough diamond into a diamond gemstone is A) significant and B) exactly the same for both grown and mined diamonds. Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material on earth, and it can only be cut and polished by other diamonds or multi-million dollar laser tools.

A general lack of knowledge about lab grown diamonds has led to the emergence of numerous "alternative facts". Some examples of these include a limited resale ability of lab diamonds (false), that lab diamonds change colour over time (they don’t), or that lab diamonds actually use more energy than strip mining the earth (they don’t).


Every lab grown diamond we supply is certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) which has become the industry benchmark for lab grown diamond grading. (the GIA only provides grading for naturally mined diamonds).

A different IGI Laboratory Grown Report is issued for synthetic diamonds, with the colour of the report being yellow or white, as opposed to the regular blue, and the synthetic stone’s girdle laser-inscribed with the report number as well as the words “lab grown.”.

Lab grown diamonds present an exciting opportunity for customers to get a bigger diamond at a lower price point.

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Not All Lab Grown Diamonds Are Created Equal