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New! Lab diamond eternity rings and wedding bands-Pobjoy Diamonds

New! Lab Diamond Eternity Rings

18K gold & platinum

New Baguette Diamond Design

Pobjoy were perfect for our requirements as we wanted an ethical diamond for an engagement ring and it was very easy to look at the designs and select what we wanted from the website.

This was then followed up with a visit to their premises set in beautiful countryside where we finalised the details and the ring was created.

Communication on progress was provided until we received the ring and so far we are very happy with it.

John Dooley, London

Shop lab grown diamond rings-Pobjoy Diamonds
Shop lab grown diamond rings-Pobjoy Diamonds

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Our visitors suite is located here in the beautiful Surrey countryside and is open most weekdays.


Come in and see our extensive range of exquisite engagement, eternity and wedding ring collection designs.


Explore the greatest selection of natural and lab created diamonds in the UK, complete with high definition videos, certification and current pricing.


We offer a warm and relaxed atmosphere and will provide however much guidance and unbiased advice you desire. And of course there is no obligation or pressure to buy.


Superior Ring Settings


Our solid and weighty precious metal settings use patented state-of-the-art laser guided arm precision technology, coupled with expert hand cratfsmanship.

Using CNC seamless tubes as opposed to using cast mounts, every Pobjoy diamond ring is created without any porosity whatsoever and with maximum tensile strength.

This results in an ultra smooth tactile, lustrous polished finish that is simply unrivalled and breathtaking.

What's more, each of our engagement rings is created to your exact size and the diamond prongs made to the precise measurements and proportions of your chosen diamond.

This ensures a superbly robust setting.

We are so confident that our quality and workmanship is the very best that we offer a manufacturer's lifetime warranty on every ring.

Have something else in mind? We will make it for you.

Shop lab grown diamond rings-Pobjoy Diamonds
Shop lab diamond rings-Pobjoy Diamonds
Shop lab diamond rings-Pobjoy Diamonds

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Lab diamond rings from Pobjoy Diamonds

How do lab diamonds compare?

Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical properties as earth created diamonds. They are not diamond simulants.

lab grown diamond rings - Pobjoy Diamonds

Are they more ethical?

Lab grown diamonds are less impactful to the environment than mined, earth created diamonds. They use significantly fewer resources and emit less air polution to create.

Are lab grown diamonds better value?


Lab grown diamonds offer fantastic value compared to mined, earth created diamonds of similar size and grade quality. Which means you will get a larger diamond for less.

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