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Bespoke jewellery process - Pobjoy Diamonds, Surrey

Initial Consultation

Bespoke ring free initial consultation at Pobjoy Diamonds

During our initial meeting, we established this commission was to be for a surprise engagement proposal.

We understand that this can be a little daunting.

However, our client had put in quite a bit of groundwork as to the type of style and setting he felt would melt her heart.

Working from images and details he provided, the draft designs evolved around his innovative, tulip inspired, gold setting. A scintillating round brilliant cut diamond would take centre stage.

Once a budget guide had been decided, we were ready to produce sketches and digital mock-ups for consideration.

Perfect ring size - Pobjoy Diamonds

Because the diamond ring was to be for a surprise for the recipient, the exact size was not known at this preliminary stage.

We therefore worked from a UK size "N", with the client agreeing to hatch a plan to establish his partner's correct size once the design process had progressed.

Draft Sketches

Free draft bespoke ring designs from Pobjoy Diamonds bespoke

Our initial sketches focussed upon the positioning of the diamond within the ring itself, as the brief dictated that as much of the girdle of the diamond be on display.

As the security of the diamond is always paramount, we explored the best approach to fullfil the request, while not compromising on the robustness of the diamond setting.

It was also essential to create a natural fluid flow in the primary design of the ring shank and shoulders.

Unobtrusive black melee gemstones were to be included within the shank of the ring as part of the brief.

Detailed CAD Design

Bespoke diamond engagement rings free quote-Pobjoy Diamonds

Curved outside/comfort fit inside/ 18k yellow gold

1 x D RBC/Size 6.70*3.9 (depth) mm. Weight 1.20 cts

3 x D RBC black/Size 1.00 mm. Weight 0.12 cts

**Band width 7.3 mm (top) 3.55 mm (middle) 2.0mm (bottom)

**Depth 4.2 mm (top) 1.9 mm (middle) 1.5 mm (bottom)

The client then reviewed the draft designs to assess how closely we had been able to visualise his imagination. 

Once these observations, specific tweaks and adjustments had been factored in, detailed CAD designs were produced.

Diamond Selection

Bespoke diamond rings - Pobjoy Diamonds, Surrey

As part of our standard process, we spoke at length with the client about what was most important to him - and her - in terms of size and overall grade of the diamond.

This stage of the process is crucial, so the multitude of variants beyond the basic "4C's" was thoroughly explored.

We considered the importance of these other key parameters in detail, such as diamond proportions and ratios, in choosing the ideal stone and within the agreed budget.

Choosing the ideal diamond - Pobjoy Diamonds bespoke rings

Once we had identified a shortlist of diamonds which met these various criteria, the client was presented with high definition videos, GIA certificates and precise costings to consider.

Diamond selection - bespoke engagement rings - Pobjoy Diamonds

With some further dialogue and guidance, the client settled upon a stunning triple excellent 1.20 carat round brilliant cut diamond.

And stayed within the original budget.

By guiding the client towards a 100% eyeclean diamond with a clarity of VS1, free of shading or milkiness, we were able to source a truly majestic stone, bristling with fire and animation.

Choosing the colour of your diamond - Pobjoy Bespoke

The chosen colour grade of "F" sits within what is referred to as the colourless diamond range, without commanding the heftier price tag typically associated with a D or an E graded stone.

Creation Of The Bespoke Ring

And as the diamond was independently graded and certified by the GIA, complete peace of mind and confidence was assured.

In this instance we were also able to provide the option of returning the diamond once scrutinised in person.

Bespoke diamond engagement rings - Pobjoy Diamonds UK

With the chosen diamond in hand, checked and verified against the GIA authentification service, we were ready to progress with the exacting process of creating the diamond ring.

Once the required ring size had been decided, our highly experienced, skilled artisans first created the structure of the ring in 18 carat gold.

The intricate hidden prong setting to hold the diamond in place was then expertly engineered to the exact measurements of the stone itself.

Once in place, the ring was checked again for accuracy to the agreed design and required ring size, then hand finished and carefully polished.

Finishing & Hallmarking

Bespoke diamond engagement rings - Pobjoy Diamonds UK

With the ring completed, it was then passed on to the Sheffield Assay Office for the gold composition to be independently verified.

It was then stamped with the 750 gold standard, the iconic "PM" maker's mark and Pobjoy logo inside the band.

Once expertly re-polished and meticulously rechecked by the team, it was ready to present to our client.

The Grand Reveal

As always, we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to share in this much anticipated moment!

We recognise that the final piece, although made by Pobjoy, is most importantly a reflection upon you, your imagination and your heartfelt desire to bring unadulterated joy to the one you love.

Bespoke diamond engagement rings - Pobjoy Diamonds UK

Resizing & Support

Pobjoy Bespoke diamond rings. Free Draft Designs

While we endeavour to get the ring size exactly right the first time, the reality is that this is not always possible. This is especially true when the intended recipient is, by necessity, not involved in the process.

For this reason, our bespoke and custom rings include the option to resize if it does not fit perfectly, free of charge.

In the case of this particular commission, the ring sat slightly too loose upon the finger.

We therefore measured the ring finger in person (now that the cat was out of the bag!), reduced the size and lovingly refinished the ring so that it looked just as fabulous as it did before.

Bespoke solitaire diamond rings - Pobjoy Diamonds Surrey

And our bespoke service doesn't end there. We are always at your disposal long after the commission has been completed.

Whether you would like your precious creation repolished, resized again or adjustments made, we are here to help.

" Your bespoke creation is the embodiment of your vision and imagination.

We are merely the cogs in the wheel to help make it happen "

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