Bespoke Case Studies


Sapphire Trilogy Ring

Initial Consultation

Bespoke diamond engagement rings - Visit Pobjoy Diamonds

At our initial meeting the client expressed her desire to marry a fiery radiant diamond with dreamy blue gemstones to create her ideal engagement ring.

As a "white metal" was preferred, it was agreed that the bespoke ring would be created entirely from 950 platinum, owing to it's hypoallergenic qualities and durability.

Budget guidelines were established and various sapphire and diamond pairings entertained.

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

To assist in this process we created rudimentary mock-ups of the ring, to convey a sense of how different carat weight combinations would translate into the final design.

This also enabled the client to more accurately visualise how these different weightings would actually look and feel on her hand.

The remit was for the ring to cover the upper arc of the finger entirely and for the sapphires to appear only slightly smaller than the centre diamond.

The outcome of this initial consultation was to arrive at two key design options, from which detailed CAD designs would be produced.

Draft Sketches

Bespoke diamond engagement rings - Visit Pobjoy Diamonds

Our draft drawings included some imaginative sculptured settings for the three gemstones to be featured within the ring.

Alternative combinations of size and grade of the centre diamond, coupled with the perfectly matched pair of natural blue sapphires upon each shoulder, were visualised and the different pricings calculated.

The colour of the round cut sapphires was also explored and options provided for consideration.

Detailed CAD Design

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

Trilogy - comfort fit

1 x D RBC/Size 6.3*3.6 (depth) mm. Weight 1.02 cts

2 x BSARD RBC black/Size 6.1 mm. Weight 1.48 cts

**Band width 7.25 mm (top) 2.85 mm (middle) 2.2mm (bottom)

**Depth 4.9 mm (top) 1.9 mm (middle) 1.7 mm (bottom)

Est. weight 5.45 grams Platinum

Once the CAD designs had been created and evaluated, the client decided upon the preferred size and prong settings of the three gemstones.

The precise blue tone of the sapphires was yet to be established.

Diamond & Sapphire Selection

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

Mindful of budget and carat weight requirements, we sourced two perfectly matched royal navy blue natural round cut sapphires.

As with most of our natural sapphires, the stones were responsibly sourced from Sri Lanka, perhaps the industry leader in ethical mining of these vividly coloured gemstones.

We then guided the client through the key characteristics to look for in a fiery, perfectly cut, round brilliant cut diamond.

This included exploring the important, but often overlooked, variables above and beyond the basic "4C's", which are essential in identifying the best diamond without breaking budget boundaries.

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

With a shortlist of diamonds which best matched the remit, the client was presented with high definition videos, independent grading reports and precise differences in cost to evaluate.

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

With some further dialogue and guidance, the client settled upon a stunning triple excellent cut 1.02 carat eyeclean diamond.

By opting for a 100% eyeclean diamond with a clarity of VS1, we were able to source a magnificent diamond, with exceptional radiance and animation.

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

With a colour grade of "E" the diamond was in the middle of what is referred to as the "colourless" diamond range, with D being the highest grade and F the lowest.

As the diamond was independently graded by the IGI and certificated accordingly, we were able to ensure complete peace of mind and confidence in the choice of diamond.

Creation Of The Bespoke Ring

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

With the independently sourced natural sapphires and diamond in hand, we were ready to progress with the highly skilled process of creating her dream engagement ring.

Our experienced crafts people engineered the shank and the elaborate bridge for the positioning of the three stones.

Each prong setting was fastidiously prepared to the exact measurements of each gem, which were then set in place with perfect balance and symmetry.

Finishing & Hallmarking

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

With the ring completed, it was then passed on to the Sheffield Assay Office for the gold composition to be independently verified.

Next it was stamped with the 750 gold standard, the iconic "PM" maker's mark and Pobjoy logo inside the band.

Once expertly repolished and checked over meticulously again by the team, it was ready to present to our client.

The Grand Reveal

The day of the grand reveal inevitably invokes as much anticipation and excitement for us as it does for our client!

We understand our role is enabling your vision to become a reality.

And when all is said and done, the ring must be just as you imagined.

Bespoke diamond rings - case study and customer reviews. Pobjoy Diamonds.
Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

Resizing & Support

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

As we were able to personally measure the exact finger size for this bespoke commission, the ring fitted exactly as expected.

However, upon reflection the client felt that the sapphires, once set and displayed within the finished piece, were too dark a shade of blue, which we fully appreciated.

We promptly sourced two perfectly matched sapphires of a similar size in a lighter, more vibrant, cornflour tone.

The end result was exactly as she had intended.

Bespoke diamond rings - case study. Pobjoy Diamonds.

And our bespoke service doesn't end there. We are always at your disposal long after the commission has been completed.

Whether you would like your precious creation repolished, resized again or adjustments made, we are here to help.

" Creating your very own item of diamond jewellery is a truly wonderful experience.

To take part in this journey with you is one of our greatest passions "