Hand Selecting Your Diamond

The Pobjoy Standard


Whichever shape and size diamond you may be dreaming of. No matter what it's value. 

Make sure it meets the Pobjoy Standard.

Pobjoy diamond standard

Our unique 20/20 process for perfect vision

When Pobjoy select a diamond to set within your engagement ring, we apply a unique twenty stage evaluation process.

And being mindful of  budgetary constraints does not mean compromising upon the overall brilliance of each and every diamond. 

Diamond evaluation process - the Pobjoy Standard

Looking beyond the 4C's

The colour and clarity grading describes a fair amount about any given diamond. But not enough to exceed the exacting standards we set. 

We understand our customers have plenty of choice. So  we know we have to deliver something extra special.

To guarantee your diamond is exceptional rather than just acceptable, we have to look beyond the 4C's.

Diamond evaluation process - Pobjoy Diamond Standard

It's all in the detail

Grasping the fundamental concepts of diamond carat, colour, clarity and cut is one thing.

Appreciating the importance of more advanced variables, such as diamond table and depth, can be a little more challenging.

While these details may seem convoluted to the uninitiated, they are in fact crucial both in isolation and when considered holistically.

"To guarantee your diamond is exceptional rather than just acceptable, we have to look beyond the 4C's"

Evaluating the best diamonds - the Pobjoy Standard

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The small print

The advanced diamond information we scrutinise within our unique 20/20 process may best be compared to "reading the small print".

If the 4C's are the equivalent of the "key terms", factors such as crown angle, culet size, pavilion angle and facets represent the small print.

The time and considerable expertise required to correctly interpret these variables form the touchstone in choosing a superior diamond.

Hearts and arrows cut diamond-Pobjoy DIamonds

Crystal clear

Many diamonds may appear clear and white but will not hold up when compared with other diamonds, even when they are of the same colour and clarity grade.

This is because characteristics such as shading and milkiness are not included in a standard diamond grading report.

What's more, a diamond may appear free from any marks or inclusions to the naked eye (eyeclean), while a diamond with a higher clarity grade can actually appear less clear.

Evaluating the best diamonds - the Pobjoy diamond standard

This will be because the positioning and concentration of any such blemishes vary considerably between diamonds.

A key stage in our 20/20 process is to identify these eyeclean stones.