Complimentary Resizing

We provide a comprehensive sizing service at our visitors suite, to try to ensure that your sparkling new Pobjoy diamond engagement ring fits just right the very first time.

If it's a surprise gift or perhaps an unusually slender or wide gauge ring, there are occasions when it may need to be expertly resized. We will do this with our compliments within six months of you purchasing your diamond engagement ring from us.

Complimentary diamond ring resising - Pobjoy Diamonds

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In some cases we may instead recommend the addition of comfort beads inside the repair area of the ring band. For example, if the ring fits but has a tendency to gently swivel due to a substantial top diamond setting. 

Our highly experienced crafts people will first conduct a ring evaluation before advising upon the most appropriate course of action to create the perfect fit.

Complimentary diamond ring resising - Pobjoy Diamonds
  • Most rings can usually be resized by up to two and a half UK sizes either way

  • Full-set diamond eternity rings cannot usually be resized

  • Some diamond-set shoulder rings may only be resized moderately

  • During the resizing process, internal hallmarking maybe polished away

  • We can arrange for your ring to be re-hallmarked post resizing

  • Our resizing will not leave evidence of any joints or adjustments

  • Resizing service available on all diamond rings subject to evaluation

Resize your diamond ring- Pobjoy Diamonds

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