Replicate Your Natural Diamond Jewellery With Lab Diamonds

In response to numerous requests from our existing clients, we have launched a new diamond jewellery and engagement ring replication service starting January 2023.

While we offer a discount to clients who have previously purchased natural diamond jewellery from Pobjoy, this service is also available to new customers.

The premise is straightforward enough; send us images of your existing piece of diamond jewellery (or the item itself) including key measurements and whatever details you have regarding it's diamond/s and we will create a copy.



We will then source certified lab created diamonds to perfectly match the original stone/s and match the precious metal in which it is set.

So your finished piece will look and feel exactly the same as the original, but at a much lower price.

Of course, if you would prefer us to set higher grade lab created diamonds in the replica piece, we will do that instead.

And we guarantee that your new ring will display exactly the same exceptional quality and crafsmanship as every one of our other creations.

If you have a personalised message or other unique feature that you would like us to include, no problem. We want to ensure that you feel just as happy wearing your replica piece as you do the original.

So on those occasions when you don't feel comfortable wearing your high value diamond jewellery, now you can...


  • Wear your replica ring in circumstances you are concerned about theft
  • Wear it in the event of loss of - or damage to - your natural diamond ring
  • Reduce insurance premiums, subject to your insurer's terms & conditions 


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