Taking A Shine To Yellow Gold

The popularity of "white" precious metals (such as platinum and white gold) for diamond ring settings has been firmly in place for the past twenty years.

This has been compounded by the prevalence of platinum and white gold fine jewellery in general, as most people tend to want to match their engagement and wedding rings with their existing creations.



While we still see a majority of our customers opting for white precious metals, in the past two years the demand for engagement rings in yellow gold mounts has made a resurgence. The same applies to other diamond and fine jewellery purchases.


Of course both types of precious metal look fabulous, especially when punctuated by a fiery diamond bristling with radiant brilliance. So it is purely down to personal preference.

One thing worth considering however is that platinum does tend to retain it's smoothness and texture for a little longer than gold and that 18k gold is much more durable than 9k.



This is particulalrly relevant in the case of a bridal ring, as it will invariably be worn up close against another ring and therefore be subjected to continuous wear and abrasions.

Whether you prefer white, yellow or rose tones you will find a myriad of options in our extensive ready made and custom made collections.

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