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One Carat Lab Diamond Rings

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Our Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Round Brilliant

Round cut lab diamond ring - Pobjoy Diamonds

Round brilliant diamonds are a classic and timeless choice for your engagement ring. They are by far the most popular diamond shapeacross all generations. The round brilliant cut features 57 or 58 facets that are designed to produce maximum scintillation, fire and sparkle in a colourless diamond. The cut of your round brilliant diamond is crucial. A well cut diamond will have superior light performance and brilliance when compared to a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight and colour.


Princess cut lab diamond - Pobjoy DIamonds

The highly popular princess cut is essentially a square diamond shape with the clean cut corners nestled within protective prongs. With a distinctive appearance and between 50 and 58 facets, the princess cut displays a unique chevron pattern which gives it an unmistakable look and brilliance. With the princess cut, the polish and symmetry are paramount and identifying eyeclean examples is recommended.


Paer cut lab diamond ring - Pobjoy DIamonds

The pear brilliant cut is a combination of the round brilliant cut and a marquise cut with all the sparkle of a round and the finger flattering shape of a marquise. Due to their elongated nature and wide base, pears are considered to have the largest "spread" of all of the shapes and look visibly the most substantial per carat. They are particularly effective in creating an illusion of a longer and more slender finger.

Lab diamonds from Pobjoy Diamonds

How do lab diamonds compare?

Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical composition, crystal structure and optical properties as earth created diamonds. They are not diamond simulants.

lab grown diamonds - Pobjoy Diamonds

Are they more ethical?

Lab grown diamonds are less impactful to the environment than mined, earth created diamonds. They use significantly fewer resources and emit less air polution to create.

Are lab diamonds better value?


Lab grown diamonds offer fantastic value compared to mined, earth created diamonds of similar size and grade quality. Which means you will get a larger diamond for less.

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