While not without it's critics, the Oscars remain the ultimate annual celebration of Hollywood glamour 

But it's not just fantastic couture dresses on show 

Fabulous jewellery also grabs the limelight

Of course not all the jewellery on display would be suitable for anything other than the most glamorous of occasions.

Nor is most of it actually owned by the fortunate celebrities who get to wear it, even though many could afford to.

Best jewellery at the oscars

In fact, it is customary for some of the world's most iconic jewellery houses to lend selected, rarely seen creations to the biggest stars exclusively for this very high profile event. 

The marketing value presumably being almost as priceless as the jewellery itself!

Winning diamond jewellery from the oscars

Nevertheless, at this year's Oscars ceremony, the attending glitterati wore literally millions of pounds worth of sensational high jewellery to really make an impression.

Best diamond jewellery from the oscars

Statement pieces from the likes of Cartier, Bulgari and Gucci adorned the A Listers in style.

Combinations of flawless diamonds, particularly in chokers and necklaces, seemed to be the order of the day.

Amazing diamond jewellery from the oscars

And sublime green emeralds, set with colourless fiery gemstones in lavish necklaces, earrings and wrist wear, also made more than mere cameo appearances.

Best diamond jewellery from the oscars

As did an epic, pear shaped yellow sapphire and diamond necklace, worn rather gracefully by Deepika Padukone. 

But for us, this years award just had to go to... 

Purple diamond earrings from the oscar ceremony

...Emily Blunt for her show stopping purple and diamond drop earrings by Chopard