Easy Guide To Buying Diamonds



Do you love diamonds and fine jewellery but unsure what you should be buying? You are not alone! We will explore:

  • The diamond "4 C's"

    Colour, clarity, cut & carat

    How are they measured?

    What's more important?

  • How to choose a truly fabulous diamond for the best value

    More about the cut

    Hearts & arrows

    Table & depth ratios: what they are and why they are important

    Crown & pavillion angles: maximising scintillation

    Eyeclean diamonds: why you don't need a flawless diamond

    Carat weight and price - does size matter?

  • Different diamond shapes

    From pear to princess

    Key features by shape and which look bigger per carat

    What's in and what's not

  • In store sales techniques to watch out for

    What you see is not always what you get

    Lighting that's not so enlightening

    True colours

    Keeping things loose

    It's smaller than it looks

  • Diamond grading and certification

    Why you need the paperwork

    Understanding a GIA grading report

    Verifying your diamond grading report

  • An introduction to lab grown diamonds

    What are they and how are they created?

    Truth versus fiction - debunking common myths

    Go compare

    Pricing and future values

  • Questions and answers

  • Date: TBA

  • Venue: The Royal Autmobile Club, Woodcote Park, Epsom

  • Time: 7pm until 8pm

Call 020 3998 3075


By Richard Cunningham

Founder of Pobjoy Diamonds & Fine Jewellery