About The Heart Shape

Although the heart shape diamond has been popular for many years, especially set in ladies pendants and necklaces, their appeal has widened.

We have recently seen much greater demand for heart shape diamond engagement rings - both earth mined and lab created.

Key Anatomy Of A Heart Diamond

Symmetry, Proportions & Setting

As with the marquise cut, symmetry is very important in in a heart shape diamond. The two curved uppermost aspects of the heart should closely align with each other.

They should also be of similar curviture and display gentle tapering in to the cleft, rather than a very shallow or materially acute convergence.

It is therefore advisable to opt for a heart diamond with very good - but ideally excellent - symmetry.

There is no official perfect "length to width" ratio of the heart shape diamond. This ratio is essentially a matter of personal choice.

Nevertheless, a ratio between 0.91 and 1.02 is considered ideal, such that the overall shape is neither too wide nor too elongated.

A heart diamond should always be set with five prongs to protect the two outermost curves (lobes), the wings and the point.

This ensures a robust a durable setting of the stone and and mitigates against chipping of the narrower extremities.

Length Almost Equal To Overall Width

Expressed As A Length To Width Ratio

Table, Depth & Culet Proportions

Table %

Excellent 53 - 63

Very Good/Fair 51 - 52 or 64 - 68

Poor < 50 or > 69

Depth %

Excellent 58 - 62

Very Good/Fair 53 - 57.9 or 62.1 - 74

Poor < 50 or > 74

L/W Ratio

Excellent 0.91 - 1.02

Very Good/Fair 0.83 - 0.91 or 1.03 - 1.15

Poor <0.80 or > 1.15

Carat Weight, Colour & Clarity

In the case of the heart diamond, carat weight plays a role in the definition of it's shape.

The definition of the heart in a diamond of less than one carat will be difficult to discern by the naked eye.

The shape in larger carat weight hearts will be more obvious, especially when set in an engagement ring.

It may therefore be worth sacrificing a degree or two in colour and clarity in return for greater carat weight.

Heart Diamond In Halo Setting

You may also opt for a diamond halo surround which will make the centre diamond appear larger.

Be mindful that the larger the carat weight the greater the importance of the symmetry and general proportions.

We therefore suggest a clarity grade in the range of VS1/VS2/Si1 for heart shape diamonds of one carat and over.

In terms of colour, aim for F/G or H.

Fancy Coloured Heart Shape Diamonds

High grade larger carat weight coloured heart diamonds, especially in pink tones, are rare and commensurately expensive.

Alternatively, ethically created fancy coloured lab diamonds display exactly the same physical and aesthetic qualities while being significantly more affordable.

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