Hearts & Arrows Diamond Cut

Hearts and arrows cut diamond

Diamonds with "Hearts and Arrows" may also be referred to as ideal cut. But what does the term mean?

The hearts and arrows diamond cut is found in precision-cut round brilliant diamonds. As a function of the diamond's perfect symmetry and exact angles of cut, they show a hearts and arrows pattern when viewed through a special tool.

Arrows are visible from the top of the diamond, and hearts are visible when the diamond is face-down

Hearts and arrows cut diamonds

What's the difference?

The diamond to the left represents a perfect example of the eight pronged arrow pattern emanating from the table of the diamond.

The diamond to the right lacks that same precise cut and near perfect symmetry. This in turn reduces it's majesty of brilliance and life when viewed from certain angles. In other words, it will be that bit less "sparkly".

The other key difference is inevitably price. All other factors being equal in terms of grading and size, this elevated quality of cut comes at a premium.

Hearts and arrows diamond cut

About the hearts

The hearts in a superior excellent cut diamond can be seen with a special tool when viewed looking down from the culet (pointed end). In other words, from the underneath of the diamond.

They are not visible with the naked eye and are of course concealed by the setting.

It should be noted that this type of superior - or "ideal" - cut is not included in natural mined diamond grading reports issued by the GIA or IGI, but can be found in lab grown diamond certification.

Hearts and arrows diamond cut - Pobjoy Diamonds

About the arrows

The arrows in an excellent cut diamond can be seen without using a special tool. In the case of a super ideal cut these arrows are near perfect in consistency and alignment. Nevertheless, once set in a ring or other item of jewellery, they are difficult to see.

It should be noted that some diamonds which do not display perfect hearts and arrows - for example due to slightly imperfect symmetry - may still be graded excellent cut and display magnificent fire and brilliance.