...It's Easier Than You May Think

With the Euro and US dollar both strong versus the British pound, our diamonds and fine jewellery represent even better value than ever to our overseas customers.

Pobjoy Diamonds has been allocated an Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number for the purposes of facilitating the export of our diamonds and fine jewellery.

This EORI number is in turn provided by us to the relevant cross-boarder courier company when shipping orders overseas. We can provide this number to you if required upon request.


All our published prices include UK VAT at 20%.

If you are ordering from outside the UK we will calculate the VAT element and refund this to you after checkout. You can calculate this amount before placing your order by using the CALCULATE VAT tool below. You will then just need to pay the relevant tax and any duties applicable to your order upon delivery by the courier company.

Alternatively contact us before checking out and we will remove the VAT element before you process your payment.

The exact amount of tax and customs duty you will need to pay varies slightly between countries but within the EU is typically 21% of the purchase price after UK VAT has been removed.

You can calculate the exact amount payable upon receipt by using the SIMPLY DUTY CALCULATOR tool below.

All Pobjoy Diamonds' diamond and fine jewellery is produced in and shipped from the UK mainland and any taxes and duties are calculated accordingly.

Realistic estimated delivery from day of despatch of completed orders to the EU & USA is 8 working days.

June 2021

Free Shipping


For customers paying in US $ with a billing and delivery address within the USA all our published US $ prices are FREE of UK VAT.

After checkout and confirmation of availability of items ordered, we shall refund the 20% VAT element of the checkout amount already paid. Any local state taxes/duties, which are usually between 5% and 7% of the value of the items ordered excluding VAT, will be required to be paid by you to the relevant authorities upon receipt of your order.

See our VAT price adjustor and import duty calculator below.

Alternatively email or call us on +44 (0) 20 3998 3075 before checkout and we will process your order manually to exclude the 20% VAT element.


First, simply calculate the net cost of your item (by deducting the 20% VAT included in all Pobjoy Diamonds published prices on this site) by using the VAT calculator.

Then use the Simply Duty calculator to estimate the relevant duty and tax charges that will be payable by you upon receipt of your order.

Select the destination country, relevant local currency (GBP, EUR or USD) and type of item and then input. The calculator will instantly display any duties and taxes you will be required to pay the relevant authorities.

For example, a diamond with a published price of EUR 6,000 includes VAT at a rate of 20% or EUR 1,000.

Using the VAT calculator will provide the net price of EUR 5,000.

Then enter the net price in the Simply Duty calculator to find the relevant tax and duty charges payable upon receipt of your order.

Using this same example, the tax and duty amount payable upon receipt is 21% of the net price (EUR 5,000 X 21% = EUR 1,050).