Who is a "mengagement" ring meant for?

Not only has the welcome advent of legalised same-sex marriage created a desire for partners to gift each other "mengagement" rings but times have changed in other respects too.

Now more and more women are demanding equality, especially when it comes to wedding jewellery. Many women are no longer waiting until the man pops the question.

Women are equals in the workplace, equals in their relationships and make their our own decisions. In fact the majority of modern women think it’s a good idea to ask men to marry them – and many are currently sealing the deal with watches and other jewellery.

Over a half of Brits would like men to wear an engagement ring as an outward sign of their commitment to be wed.

52% of women surveyed said men should wear engagement rings as well, with 32% of men agreeing with this statement.

Professional Jeweller Feb 2019

The men’s engagement ring is a clear message to everyone that he is going to be married.

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