30 cm to 40 cm/12 in to 16.5 in

Image shows necklace or chain being worn close to the neckline. Suitable for necklaces with or without a pendant. Remember that the exact measurement will be influenced by the width of the individual's neck.

40 cm to 50 cm/16.5 in to 20 in

Necklace being worn just above the bust level and generally preferred for larger pendants and lockets. For children. this means a necklace size of 40-45 cm (16-18 in) and 45-50 for adults (18-20 in)

50 cm to 60 cm/20 in to 24 in

Necklace being worn at the top of the bustline but generally without a pendant or similar fitting attached as these may get hidden or caught in garments.

Over 60 cm/24 in

Necklace being worn below the bust line, for example a large chain, pearls or extended diamond and belcher piece.