Terms & Conditions - Watch Servicing, Repairs & MANUFACTURING

To Be Read In Conjunction With Our Terms Of Use


1.1 No work will be started before the repair/service has been fully assessed, the price verified and the customer has agreed either over the phone, email or writing thus proceeding the item for repair/service.1.2 Although Pobjoy Diamonds & Fine Jewellery Limited ("Pobjoy") carefully assess all repairs and services, Pobjoy reserves the right to charge for any unforeseen work, further parts to complete the repair and any extra work that is needed. The customer will be informed as soon as possible if this situation should arise.1.3 Pobjoy reserves the right to charge for any work that has been already carried out if the customer requests the item to be returned un-done after giving the instruction to proceed. Normally 50% of the full-service cost plus return delivery.1.4 On occasion, either due to the item needing further parts that need to be sourced, an unusually high volume of repairs or staff holidays and sickness, the repair time may be extended. In such circumstances, the customer will be notified as soon as possible.1.5 From time to time or for specific watch brands we may provide online price guides and also provide free estimates via e-mail. These estimates are given as a guide only. They rely on the accuracy and quality of information given to us by the customer. Pobjoy is not responsible for any difference in online estimates and estimates in our workshop.


2.1 At times it maybe necessary to send the item to a specialist for an estimate. If the item is with the specialist this may increase costs and the repair/service time. You will be kept informed of any changes as soon as possible.


3.1 Pobjoy will contact you when the repair/service is completed to arrange payment. No repair/service will be returned to the you until full payment is made unless specifically told to do so by Pobjoy.3.2 All service and repair guarantees are valid from the date the repair/service is completed not the date the repair/service is received.3.3 Pobjoy reserves the right to sell or auction uncollected/unpaid repairs after a period of six months to recoup any money owed. If this situation should arise you will be notified in writing one month before the sixth month is up.3.4 Pobjoy guarantees all repair/services for a period of twelve months. Every repair/service will be returned with an invoice which is a guarantee detailing the work that has been carried out.Vintage watches detailed on the invoice are guaranteed for six months.3.5 No guarantee or warranty of any kind will be offered on small repairs and part jobs.3.6 No guarantee or warranty can be offered to the movement and other case components on replacement battery.


4.1 Pobjoy will contact you when the manufactured part/component is completed to arrange payment. No part/component will be returned to you until full payment is made unless specifically told to do so by Pobjoy.4.2 All part/component guarantees are valid from the date they are completed not the date you receive or uses it.4.3 Pobjoy reserves the right to sell or auction unpaid parts/components after a period of three months to recoup any money owed. If this situation should arise you will be notified in writing one month before the third month is up.4.4 Pobjoy guarantees all parts/components manufactured by Pobjoy or it's associated companies for a period of six months, unless specified.4.5 As stated in 4.4 of the Terms and Conditions, specified parts/components will not automatically carry a six month guarantee. Each part(s)/component(s) will have a specific guarantee, if any. Pobjoy will notify you of this prior to manufacturing taking place and will only continue, providing you have agreed via email or written letter.4.6 Pobjoy takes no responsibility if parts/components arrive damaged.4.7 Any guarantee given on a part/component by Pobjoy is specific to you and is non-transferable.4.8 If a part/component is broken whilst being fitted, Pobjoy reserves the right to not honour the guarantee given on the specific part/component.4.9 If a part/component does not work/fit and you have not provided the watch/ item in which the manufactured part will be fitted/used, Pobjoy takes no responsibility and will not refund for the work done. Pobjoy is also not liable for damages as you did not provide opportunity for the part/component to be appropriately tested prior to being sent to you.


5.1 Our service & repair guarantee, warrantees against defects arising from the repair/service undertaken. Our repair guarantee and pre-owned watch warranty does not cover misuse, accidental damage, components not fitted during the repair/service, components that have been recommended to be changed/repaired and becomes invalid if any unauthorised entry or attempted entry into the movement is made during the warranty period. This includes batteries from section 3.6. 5.2 If a fault occurs which cannot be reasonably and directly associated with general wear and tear or excessive trauma within the warranty period, we will endeavour to rectify the problem free of labour charge subject to a maximum labour charge equivalent to 10% of the price paid by you for the watch when purchased from us. Any broken/damaged/worn parts which are not covered by our warranty will be charged for. All postal costs incurred either to or from the customer are non-refundable. 5.3 Circuit boards and coils are not covered by our warranty and section 4.2 applies. 5.4 Service and repair warranties are non-transferable. If the watch is sold, then the warranty becomes void. 5.5 Any warranty shall begin once full payment of the final invoice has been recieved. However, if after 30 days of the final invoice being sent, it has not been fully paid, the warranty shall begin the day after. 5.6 Inspections and repair work covered under our pre-owned watch warranty shall be carried out by Alexander James Horological Services Ltd or other suitable professional horological specialist chosen by us at our discretion.


6.1 All invoices must be paid within 30 days.6.2 Invoices which have not been paid in full after the 30 days are subject to a 10% administration fee of the total invoice amount, at which point you will be notified again.6.3 After 6 months of non-payment you will be notified in writing and will be made aware of section 5.4 and 5.56.4 After 12 months of non-payment the watch or watches become the property of Pobjoy to sell to recover the costs of the unpaid invoice and administration fees, auction fees and commission fees. You will be notified again by letter at 11 months from the invoice date stating such. You then have a further 28 days to pay.6.5 It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are correct at all times and that any changes are communicated to Pobjoy in a timely fashion.


7.1 Pobjoy does not take responsibility for any surcharges that may be incurred through any form of payment.


8.1 You are responsible for arranging and paying for delivery of your item to Pobjoy either by post or by pre-arranged drop off to our registered company address.

8.2.1 Pobjoy uses Royal Mail’s Special Delivery for returning watches after repairs/services. The usual cost of return delivery is £12.50. Pobjoy does not guarantee a time and/or date for when a parcel will arrive and Special Delivery is only used because Pobjoy feels that this is the most secure and reliable method of posting our customers’ watches. No postal refunds are available for late delivery.2.2 Pobjoy will only return a watch with another form of delivery if specifically requested by you and does not take responsibility for the security or reliability of the service used, which falls on you.2.3 It is your responsibility to check that the return address is correct upon receipt of an invoice. Any errors must be notified via email before any payment is made. Please email: contact@pobjoydiamonds.com2.4 The compensation level chosen is your choice and Pobjoy is not responsible for any loss or damage to the parcel/goods during transit if the chosen postage is inadequate or the compensation available is less than the value of the parcel/goods.2.5 Pobjoy does not accept responsibility for any parcel/goods once the parcel/goods have been delivered and signed for by anyone.2.6 It is your responsibility to make sure they are available/able to sign for their parcel/goods at the address indicated on the invoice.2.7 Pobjoy will not post to third party parcel/mail handling shops, companies or premises.2.8 Pobjoy will only post to residential addresses or your verified work premises.2.8 Pobjoy cannot be held responsible if a parcel is posted to verified work address and it is signed for by any alternative member of staff, post room, security gate staff or anyone other than the intended recipient.2.9 Pobjoy cannot always notify when a parcel/goods will be delivered.

October 2021