Jewellery Trends 2023 - Pearls

Unlike most fashion accessories, trends in jewellery tend to have longevity. In fact some trends survive for decades rather than a few months.

And when buying an item of fine jewellery, it is crucial that you go for what you truly love and honestly see yourself having plenty of opportunities to wear, rather than on rare occasions.


While there are several different themes to current jewellery trends, some have been commanding attention for some time. 

Both Tiffany and Givenchy have been proactive in the renaissance of pearl accessories, particularly of the larger, irregular shaped jumbo variety. 

On "main street", Pandora has also developed a following for it's pearl earring, bracelet and necklace collections.

One concern for some consumers however is in understanding what exactly they are buying.

In the vast majority of cases, we are talking freshwater cultured pearls.

This means that they are grown under controlled conditions by inserting a bead into an oyster shell, then nurtured until a desirable pearl has evolved.

Baroque and jumbo pearls are asymmetrically shaped and are typically less valuable than perfectly spherical examples. Whether round or oval, they show little sign of dropping out of style any time soon.


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