Tips For Choosing Fine Jewellery Gifts

There are few things both as exciting and daunting as choosing a special gift for the one you love. So here's a few helpful tips...

The go-to choice

Diamond stud earrings are a must. They are often referred to as the "little black dress" of diamond jewellery. They are hugely versatile in that they can be worn with pretty much anything and all the time, without appearing ostentatious.



They are also available in a vast range of diamond sizes and grades - and price points. From charming ten point diamonds to an opulent two carats, the options are plenty.

Do bear in mind when shopping that the diamond carat weight refers to both diamonds combined. You can get a sense of diamond sizes by carat weight here 


Younger audience

Chunky bracelets, bangles and neck wear are very much in vogue, with sterling silver pieces extremely popular and less pricey than 9k or 18k gold.

You will find fabulous examples of Tiffany style statement chains and padlock bracelets in our fine jewellery range.



Check out our boho handmade silver range and silver wrist wear collection for iconic designs and latest releases.


Always desirable

Pendants and necklaces are the most popular purchase for women and by women. Whether an imaginative silver or gold neck chain or a pendant taking centre stage, it is difficult to go wrong.


Remember to consider how it will look when worn. A 16" necklace length will sit at a different height upon the chest depending upon who's wearing it. You may find our sizing guide useful.


The gift that keeps on giving

The gift voucher remains an enduring favourite, as it demonstrates both thought and consideration, and is much classier than just giving money. It also takes a bit of pressure off the gifter and brings with it the excitement of shopping, even after the gift has been given. 



Our gift vouchers can be sent securely by email or by post. See our gift voucher options.


Keep your options open 

Buying a loose diamond as a gift in itself has gained a lot in popularity. It creates endless opportunities later on in deciding how best to show it off. And in this way the recipient gets to play a key role in the process.



That's why this year we created our Christmas Love Collection, featuring hand selected, loose ethical lab diamonds, presented ready to gift. Alternatively, you can choose from thousands of earth mined diamonds and coloured gemstones.

And whatever you decide to buy, don't worry! The fine jewellery we sell as Christmas or birthday gifts are always enthusiastically received.

As part of the selection process it is worth asking yourself some key questions (or someone else who also knows her well!);

  • Is it the correct size? If you have no idea and can't find out, best to go for neckwear or earrings.
  • Will she like the precious metal colour? "White" metals, such as white gold and platinum, have been by far the most popular choices for fine jewellery purchases over the past ten years or so. However, yellow gold has had somewhat of a renaissance recently. This challenge should be a lot easier to overcome than guessing her ring size - just check out what colour jewellery she wears the most.
  • Does it match up with existing jewellery? Aside from the colour, you may notice a particular theme or style in her taste in jewellery. From simplistic and understated to "can't get enough bling", try and factor this in to your decision making.
  • Does she already have something very similar? There's not much mileage in buying her a third pair of diamond stud earrings, however fabulous they will look. And if you find yourself running out of options (because she's lucky enough to have plenty of pieces already!), maybe opt for something a little unusual, such as a diamond cuff or heavyweight silver wrist bangle.
  • Will she get enough opportunities to wear it? If upscale cocktail parties and dinner do's are her thing, then a pair of statement diamond drop earrings will do very nicely thank you. But if posh frocks and killer heels are an anathema to her,  then something more demure and less elaborate will be better received and bring greater joy over the years to come.
  • What is her birthstone? You might want to use her birthstone for inspiration. What's her birthstone? (I hear you groan). It's simply the particular precious gem associated with the month in which she was born. You can check which birthstone she is here. 

If you would like some more assistance in choosing that special gift we are always here to help. So just reach out.