World's Biggest Pink Diamond In 300 Years

Pink diamonds continue to be the world’s most highly sought "fancy" diamond colour.

So you can imagine the excitement when Western Australian-based Lucapa Diamond Company unearthed this huge 170 carat pink diamond from the Lulo mine in Angola.



The type IIa rough has been dubbed the Lulo Rose and is believed to be the largest pink diamond discovered in the past three centuries.

The largest pink diamond, Darya-i-Noor, polished at 186 carats originates from the Kollur Mine in India. The diamond is currently part of the Iranian crown jewels in Tehran.

The Pink Star (59.6 carats)  shattered auction records when it was sold for $71.2 million at Sotheby’s in 2017.

Many other pink diamonds have produced staggering results at auction. The 34.65-carat Princie Diamond fetched $39.3 million while 24.78-carat Graff Pink was sold for $46.2 million.

Lucapa has revealed plans to sell the diamond through an international tender conducted by Angola’s state-run diamond marketing company, Sodiam.

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This blog includes excerpts from an original article by Samuel Ord in Jeweller magazine, published July 28, 2022 .