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There's no such thing as a "normal" engagement ring. And it's not all about how much you spend. Sure, some of the creations featured here are both eye-wateringly expensive and sensational. But we can help you get just the right look and feel of engagement ring you are after at a rather more affordable price.

The main focus we feel should be on inspiration rather than naked plagiarism. After all, who wants exactly the same - even if your budget does stretch that far.

So we've highlighted a few headline-grabbing diamond rings for inspiration. And next to each one we show some examples of Pobjoy Diamonds' collection models you might like to customise just the way you want.

Celebrity diamond rings Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice


Round 3.5 Carat

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Round 0.7 Carat

Customise Yours

Round 1.8 Carat

Customise Yours

Round 1 Carat

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royal diamond rings Kate Middleton - Pobjoy Diamonds

Kate Middleton


Oval Sapphire 12 Carat

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Oval 2.65 Carat

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Oval 2.95 Carat

Customise Yours

Oval 4.85 Carat

celebrity diamond rings Asscher cut- Pobjoy Diamonds

Pippa Middleton


Asscher 3 Carat

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Asscher 1.1 Carat

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Princess 0.5 Carat

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Asscher 0.7 Carat

Celebrity diamond rings designs - Pobjoy Diamonds

Meghan Markle


Cushion Trilogy 5 Carat

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Princess 1.20 Carat

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Cushion 1.25 Carat

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Round 1.02 Carat

celebrity diamond and ruby rings -Pobjoy Diamonds Surrey



Compared to the jaw dropping sums splashed out in recent years on diamond engagement rings by the likes of Kanye West (£1.2 million) and Jay-Z (£3 million), the royals appear positively restrained.

While there's no particular style or shape which is clearly a celebrity favourite, there has been a general trend towards engagement rings with oval, Asscher and cushion cuts, coloured diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

Here are a few celebrity picks to consider, along with a selection of our designs which capture the same style aesthetic and proportions. All our certified diamond-set rings are handmade to fit you perfectly, include engraved personalisation and are available in rose, white or yellow gold, platinum or palladium.

Celebrity Diamonds Rings - J Lo - Pobjoy Diamonds

Jennifer Lopez


Yellow 8 Carat Diamond

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Yellow 0.8 Carat

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Yellow 0.85 Carat

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Yellow 0.8 Carat

Celebrity diamond rings pear cut Cuoco - Pobjoy Diamonds

Kaley Cuoco

£70,000 Est

Pear 2 Carat

Customise Yours

Pear 1.00 Carat

Customise Yours

Pear 1.75 Carat

Customise Yours

Pear 0.65 Carat

Celebrity diamond and ruby rings - Pobjoy Diamonds designs

Eva Longoria

£120,000 Est

Ruby & Cluster

Customise Yours

Ruby & Cluster 1.25 Carat

Customise Yours

Ruby & Cluster 0.80 Carat

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Ruby & Cluster 1.4 Carat

Celebrity diamond rings heart shape diamonds Gaga - Pobjoy Diamonds

Lady Gaga


Heart Shape 6 Carat

Customise Yours

Heart 0.85 Carat

Customise Yours

Heart 1.35 Carat

Customise Yours

Heart 0.60 Carat

Your diamond ring can be as entirely original and individual as you are.

We will work with you from initial sketches through to the creation of your dream ring, involving you as much or as little as you prefer throughout this exciting process.

We will source all materials and precious stones as per your brief and provide accurate pricing before we get under way.

Bespoke diamond engagement rings from Pobjoy Diamonds-Surrey

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