Bespoke Jewellery Commissions

A Design Bespoke To You

Just how ‘bespoke’ your creation will be is entirely up to you. It can be designed from scratch by us, worked around an idea you have or, for example, developed around a diamond you already own by introducing some extra flare by adding subtle details or engraving. You will see your commission evolve to the finished piece and be as involved as much or as little as you wish.

Bespoke diamond and gemstone rings - Pobjoy Diamonds in SUrrey

Creating your own piece of jewellery is a wonderful experience and one of our passions is to take that journey with you. Bringing to life your ideas, however extreme, in rough sketches through to the final drawings, then the prototype and finally your very own unique piece crafted to last for many years to come is a joy in itself.

I bought a pair of bespoke diamond stud earrings from Pobjoy's after arranging a visit to see them in Kingswood.

The quality is excellent and when I've compared prices for similar grade/size diamonds in high street boutiques, Pobjoy came out a lot less expensive too. Highly recommended.

- Alex Maddox, Cobham

Bespoke diamond enaggament rings - Pobjoy Diamonds in Surrey

Let Your Imagination Flow

The extensive skillsets of our designers and craftsmen mean we can make any piece of jewellery, however complex. Every stage of the design and creation of your bespoke item is closely monitored and managed by us to ensure the very best finished piece.

Bespoke diamond jewellery from Pobjoy Diamonds Kingswood Surrey

Create Your Unique Piece For A Lifetime Of Cherished Memories

By only using premium materials and hand selected certified diamonds coupled with meticulous workmanship we ensure the creation of a totally unique and enduring work of art to last for generations.

Commission bespoke diamond jewellery and diamond rings - Pobjoy Diamonds

Our Process

Bespoke diamond jewellery commissions - Pobjoy Diamonds

Repurpose Your Existing Jewellery

We can also work with you to repurpose an existing item of jewellery, diamond or coloured gemstone. For example, you may have a diamond ring which you rarely wear which could be reset in a contemporary pendant or perfectly fitted ring mount. Anything is possible.

Our Pricing

Commissioning your unique creation is perhaps more affordable than you think. In arriving at our final completed price (agreed by you first) we consider the anticipated amount of skilled work involved and of course the costs to us of the materials we use.

Bespoke diamond engagement rings - Pobjoy Diamonds

Uniquely we operate a formulaic approach when it comes to pricing. This comprises three key determinants; a minimum fixed commission fee, the costs of materials/diamonds/coloured gems to be used and finally an amount proportionate to the complexity and overall value of the finished creation.

This means that rather than arbitrarily adding a flat percentage 'mark up' to our fixed costs, you will find that higher value commissions increase in price but at a declining percentage rate. We feel this is more equitable to our clients as the work required on one commission is rarely twice that involved in smaller project.

Bespoke jewellery commissions - Pobjoy Diamonds

Your Peace Of Mind

Pobjoys have been designing and creating exemplary quality fine jewellery, objects d'art and innovative precious metal coins for generations. We have extensive experience in dealing with the most discerning of clients who understandably demand the highest standards.

The advice we lend along the journey of creating your very special unique item of jewellery is driven by both practical and aesthetic considerations, such as how well the item will endure the test of time, resilience to 'wear and tear' and even the vagaries of changing fashions.

Bespoke jewellery commissions - Pobjoy Diamonds

We also provide a lifetime guarantee covering our workmanship and of course your commission will be perfectly sized to fit. And because we involve you at all key stages of the overall process, unwelcome surprises are avoided.

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Bespoke jewellery commissions - Pobjoy Diamonds
Bespoke jewellery commissions - Pobjoy Diamonds

Bespoke designs remain the property of Pobjoy Diamonds & Fine Jewellery Limited and cannot be recreated or copied by an party without our express written prior agreement.