About The Cushion (Brilliant) Cut

Typically square in shape with rounded corners, the cushion or "pillow" brilliant cut diamond provides substantial sparkle and is an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings.

The fifty eight facets of this diamond cut create a similar brilliance and radiance to the classic round brilliant shape, but at a slightly lower price per carat.

Pillow Shape Of The Cushion Cut

Preferred Proportions

Dimensions including percentage table and depth, and length-to-width ratios impact how the diamond looks and how much light it reflects.

In the case of the cushion cut, the perfect table should be between 60% and 67%. The ideal depth is between 61% and 69%.

Length To Width Ratio

The ideal length-to-width ratio is generally considered to be between 1.00and 1.05, with a ratio of 1.06 to 1.09 classed as very good.

Length To Width Ratio 1.02

In the case of an elongated cushion cutdiamond, the ideal ratio is between 1.15 and 1.21.

Colour & Clarity

Any minor marks or inclusions found in the middle of the stone will not be so clearly visible in a cushion cut diamond due to the facet structure of the stone. It is therefore not necessary to pay a premium for a clarity grade above VVS2.

As a function of the large surface area of the stone, the diamond colour tends to be more detectable. In this regard, we would advise against choosing a radiant cut with a colour grading below H.

In summary, If budget allows, we would guide towards a cushion cut diamond with a ratio between 1.00 and 1.06, with colour F and clarity VS1 or VS2.

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