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Precious Metal Guide

Diamond belly rings - Pobjoy Diamonds

Diamond selection

Diamond belly bars from Pobjoy Diamonds

Once we have received your order we hand select each diamond, making sure it meets our unique grading criteria

Creation of bar and setting

Based on the exact diamond measurements, the precious metal collets, top ball  and chosen bar length are created, hand shaped and polished. 

Hallmarking and stamping

Handmade diamond belly bars by Pobjoy DIamonds

Your diamond belly ring is then presented to the independent Assay Office London, to verify it's precious metal content and for the stamping of Pobjoy's "PM" maker's mark.

Setting of each diamond 

Diamond belly rings by Pobjoy DIamonds

The final stage is the meticulous hand setting of each diamond, to bring your belly ring to life. After it has been fastidiously polished and quality checked it is gift wrapped, ready to deliver. 

Precious Metal Guide

When it comes to buying a diamond belly piercing, a hypoallergenic metal is essential.

Your choice may also be influenced by colour, how this will look against your skin tone, your existing jewellery and the amount you wish to spend.*


9K gold has a high nickel content which can cause discomfort to some peoples skin.

And due to the position of a belly piercing, be aware that the skin around this area may be especially sensitive.

Diamond belly rings in platinum or 18K gold - Pobjoy Diamonds

The reduced nickel content found in 14K gold improves it's hypoallergenic qualities and it's durability

In the case of 18K gold, as well as being more durable, the inherent higher gold purity means even less nickel content. 

Diamond belly piercings in platinum- Pobjoy Diamonds

 So, unless you experience dermatological reactions when wearing other 18K gold jewellery, this will make an ideal choice.

18K white gold also maintains it's silvery appearance for longer than 9K and 14K.  


Titanium is a strong, silvery grey metal which is not as dense or heavy as gold or platinum.

It is non-corrosive and does not discolour or tarnish, making it a great option for piercings.

It is also hypoallergenic.


When it comes to platinum, it's impressive hypoallergenic qualities, weighty feel and durability make it an extremely popular choice.***

Known as 950 platinum, it includes 5% iridium and ruthenium to make it more manageable in the creation of premium quality jewellery.

 Once finished and polished it will not discolour and is less susceptible to knocks and abrasions than most other metals.

Carat Weights


GIA diamond belly rings - Pobjoy Diamonds

Why are diamond belly rings so desirable?

Diamond belly rings are considered to be the best types of piercings available because of their superior quality.

All Pobjoy diamond belly rings radiate fiery brilliance and are made to an exceptionally high standard.

I received the diamond belly ring and it really does look fantastic.

Thanks very much.

Shop bezel set diamond belly ring - Pobjoy Diamonds

Jamie C, Surrey

My daughter was absolutely delighted with her gift. 

I also particularly like the fact that Pobjoy list the clarity and colour of their diamond jewellery, which is not common practice in the UK.

I can highly recommend Pobjoy Diamonds and will certainly be purchasing from them again in the future.

Paul Sharpe, Doncaster

Excellent choice of jewellery (I was looking for a tennis bracelet) and at good prices.

Item was delivered quickly and better than expected.

Superb experience overall.


TL Hilliard, Reigate

Pobjoy made a custom item for us; very helpful with great communication.

We are very pleased with the result.

Lionel G-S, Surrey

* Does not constitute advice nor independent medical opinion and is for information purposes only. You should seek professional guidance if you are in any doubt about potential dermatological reactions to the precious metal you select.

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