At Pobjoy we understand that customers define our business. Our customer experience starts with your initial enquiry, giving you as much informatiion as you would like to guide you the decision making and purchasing process. It continues through the creation and fulfillment of the order and delivery process and to after you have received your cherished piece of jewellery.

That's why we have focussed on making our website fast to navigate, online shopping and checkout effortless with telephone support and free UK delivery included as standard.

If you would rather not deal with us on the phone or come to see us in person at our visitors suite, we can do everything online via Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype or on our chat facility. The choice is yours.


To answer many of the questions we have encountered you will find a raft of helpful information within our Guidance & Resources area in this site. We are always pleased to help clarify any additional queries you may have. Please use the ASSISTANCE tab at the side of this site to explain how we can help you further.


We do our best to provide as much relevant information about our products. We also try to provide clear, high definition images in different sizes to accurately portray the items we sell. The product information is periodically reviewed and additional information customers have suggested updated accordingly. If you require more details about a product you are considering purchasing from Pobjoy, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

You can also use our Drop A Hint function featured within each product information page, to easily forward on an item you like to your partner, friend or family member. We are regularly adding new products to our range, so please come back to check out our site or subscribe to receive interesting updates by SMS or email. We also operate an extensive loyalty rewards program. You can start earning reward points today just by creating an account. Just click on the Rewards icon to the right of this site.


At Pobjoy we understand that the customer experience continues after the point of sale. We will ensure that your order is fulfilled and safely shipped to you as quickly as possible and promptly respond to any issues that may on rare occasions arise. After you have received your order we are here to deal with any further questions you may have and to assist you where we can in enjoying your item of jewellery for many years to come. If we fall short of your high expectations in any way we also provide a formal complaints form in the footer to this site.