The tennis bracelet gets it's name from the international tennis phenomenon Chris Evert. She famously lost her diamond bracelet during a match in the 1987 US Open tournament. Evert asked the officials to pause the game to look for her bracelet, while spectators and TV viewers around the world watched the search.

Chris Evert was not only a tennis champion - she was also known as a fashion icon. Evert’s most notable style choice was her diamond eternity bracelet. Since that day, the line diamond bracelet has been referred to as the tennis bracelet. Jewellers instantly started to receive requests for a “tennis bracelet”. From that day of the 1987 US Open, viewers, tennis players and the general public alike have been inspired to wear similar styled diamond bracelets themselves.


A Pobjoy diamond tennis bracelet makes a fantastic gift for any occasion. Because of their classic design and popular appeal, tennis bracelets are often passed down for generations as family heirlooms and keepsakes. A diamond tennis bracelet can also make a great gift for any of the following special occasions:

  • Wedding Anniversary

  • Wedding Day Gift For Relatives of the Bride

  • Valentine's Day

  • Birth of a Child

  • Key Achievement or Milestone

  • Birthday