Mens Salt & Pepper Kite Diamond Ring
Mens Salt & Pepper Kite Diamond Ring
Mens Salt & Pepper Kite Diamond Ring

Mens Salt & Pepper Kite Diamond Ring

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New for Summer 2024. Made to order exclusively by Pobjoy Diamonds.

Expressive, angular design. Featuring smooth curves, clipped shank and a superbly proportioned kite shaped salt & pepper diamond.

Weighty solid feel in a polished or brushed finish.


The salt and pepper kite diamond is 1.30 carat with excellent cut and symmetry.

Graded I3 it is resplendant with well dispersed specks and cloud formations, with silver and dark grey hues.

Bezel set in 18K gold or platinum for maximum protection of the stone's extremities and everyday wear.

Diameter of diamond approximately 6.3mm depending on the specific stone.

Overall diameter of diamond 6.65mm. Length 11.40mm. 

Width of band at shoulders 5.5mm tapering to 3.8mm.

Depth at top 4.2mm. Depth at bottom of band 1.4mm.

Overall weight approximately 17g.

Other diamond sizes and grades available on request and priced accordingly.

Enter your required size in notes at checkout or contact us

Please note that the GIA does not certify salt and pepper diamonds and your diamond ring will be supplied with a Pobjoy certifcate of authenticity.

Subject to diamond availability when placing order.

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