Facets Of A Diamond Explained

Every diamond possesses multiple facets that enable it to absorb and reflect light. A diamond facet is a flat, purposefully created surface on the shape of a diamond.

An excellent cut diamond is superbly proportioned with optimal facet angles.

Facets are angled and arranged in the best way possible to ensure that the optimal amount of light enters and then reflects from the diamond. As you can see from our diamond facet diagram, there are different facets on the crown and pavilion of a diamond, which we will explain in more detail.

Angles Of Flow Of Light

- Excellent Cut Diamond

Crown Facets

The crown of a diamond is the angular section at the top of the diamond. The purpose of the crown is to allow as much light into the diamond as possible.

Pavillion Facets

The purpose of the facets on the pavilion of a diamond is to redirect light. After the light has entered, it is refracted back through the crown as flashes of light, creating the cobeted sparkle of each diamond.

Number Of Facets

The number of facets a diamond has depends on it's shape and the quality of the cut. The most popular diamond shape, the round brilliant cut, has 58 facets (including the culet, the bottom tip).

Although most diamond shapes also have 58 facets, the radiant cut has 70. More unusual and irregular shape diamonds have quite different faceting characteristics.

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